85% of brands report they experienced trademark infringement in 2019, with 46% of companies reported to have to rebrand as a result.

Challenged by the scale of counterfeit products and unauthorised sellers across a range of third party platforms? The volume of posts makes taking effective action on a manual basis an overwhelming and never ending task.

Social media posts, search engine results and e-commerce listings need constant monitoring to identify the unlawful sale of your brand or counterfeit versions. Counterfeiters steal customers, negatively impact brand reputation and, in some instances, pose a health threat to consumers.

No more whack a mole

We have overhauled the traditional approach of ‘whack-a-mole’ with a commercial first approach using behavioural analytics to look at the fraudulent behaviours of bad actors across multiple channels. In doing so, we are able to find patterns in the data connecting individuals and groups working together. This allows you to prioritise your biggest threats and take action against the worst offenders.


The science of brand protection

In our guide you will learn:

  • The scale of fake goods online
  • Why brands need to take action
  • How AI technology can help you tackle the scale of the problem
  • How Pasabi’s online brand protection software can work for your brand

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How we help

Monitor seller networks

We work with brands to monitor distribution networks and identify unauthorised sellers, to ensure sellers remain on the right track.

Multi-channel coverage

By connecting data points across many channels, we provide a holistic view of the negative behaviours of bad actors across multiple platforms.

Behavioural Analytics

We use analytics to understand the scale, behaviours and types of threat across multiple channels.

Empower with technology

Our technology empowers your team to prioritise their actions and direct their resources where they are needed most.

Identify offenders

We find counterfeit sellers based on their patterns of negative behaviour online.

Actionable evidence

Our insights allow you to gather effective evidence for offline legal action.


Is your brand being undermined by counterfeit products and unauthorised sellers across social media platforms, online marketplaces and Google?

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