Pasabi’s content moderation solution helps combat illegal and harmful content on your platform to build trust with your audience


  • Understand the scale of the challenge. Uncover signs of harmful activity to help you understand the specific threats and scale of challenges you face.
  • Empower teams with evidence. Empower your teams to tackle the problem at source, take action at scale and direct resources effectively.
  • Increased automation. Increase automation in line with your thresholds, rules and the accuracy of results returned.
  • Cleaner, safer user experience. Removing harmful content improves user engagement and increases conversion rates to build a loyal online community.


Preparing for the Digital Services Act

A guide for marketplaces, platforms and online communities. Understand the key provisions of the Act with steps outlining how to get ready.

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Popular Features of Pasabi Content Moderation

Our technology platform allows you to operate at scale to clean up social channels, marketplaces and e-commerce sites

Behavioural analytics

Our technology combines user data with external reputation data to give a more accurate picture of the harmful behaviours on your platform. Pasabi looks beneath what is written to understand the actor’s behaviour and intent.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We use a variety of AI techniques, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and classifiers, to identify illegal content like hate speech or cyberbullying.

Cluster identification

Our cluster detection technology and bespoke algorithms identify unusual behaviour and highlight groups working together.

AI plus Human moderation

Our technology combines AI and human moderation where automation is not possible to maintain high accuracy levels.


Looking to understand the scale of your illegal content challenge?

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