Fake Reviews & Content

Defend authenticity and build trust with your audience

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Fake Reviews & Content

Defend authenticity and build trust with your audience

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89% of consumers globally check reviews online before making purchases

Source: Canvas8 2020

Review platforms are under threat from fake reviews, scam & spam and damaging content. Companies trying to game the system use positively biased reviews to boost ratings or negative reviews to harm competitors

With reviews playing an increasingly vital role in purchase decisions, it has never been more important to tackle the challenge of fake content.

Discover how Pasabi supports Trustpilot to tackle fake reviews and companies looking to game the system.

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Fabricated Reviews & Content Explained

As the popularity of review sites grows, the sheer scale of data has made it increasingly difficult for platform owners to identify individuals and groups who may be trying to “game the system”, post damaging or fake content to harm competitors or boost sales. Maintaining trust and providing consumers with an authentic user experience is a major challenge.

Combine this with recent regulatory changes compelling online platforms to deal with illegal and misleading content or face significant fines and penalties, means the onus is on platforms to police their content more closely. However, platforms shown to be proactive in identifying and removing illegal content will not be liable; something Pasabi’s platform is designed to solve!

Common areas for concern are:

  • Fabricated reviews
  • Biased positive reviews
  • Misbehaving companies trying to ‘game the system’
  • Negative reviews used to attack competitors
  • Regulatory changes holding platforms more accountable

Online Guide to the Science of Fake Review Detection

In our online guide you will discover:

  • The types of fabricated content and the challenges each poses to your business
  • How AI technology can help you tackle the scale of the problem
  • How Pasabi’s fake review detection software can work for your brand.
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Benefits of Pasabi Fake Review & Content Protection

Identify the scope of the threat from fake reviews, scam & spam, and misbehaving companies

Uncover persistent offenders

Provide the tools and evidence for enforcement teams to take action at scale

Proactive measures to police illegal content and avoid fines

Looking to understand the scale of fabricated & biased reviews, scam & spam, and companies trying to ‘game the system’?

Request and Online Reviews Insight Report and we’ll show you the true scale of your challenge and how to address it.

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