Legislation is placing greater responsibilities on marketplaces and platforms to tackle fake reviewsAre you ready?

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The EU Omnibus Directive

Coming into force on 28th May 2022, the Directive looks to modernise EU consumer protection rules including prohibiting fake reviews, the manipulation of reviews and requiring platforms to do more to verify the authenticity of consumer reviews.

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EU website sweep reveals misleading reviews

Consumer protection authorities of 26 Member States, Iceland and Norway checked 223 major websites for misleading consumer reviews. 

Of the online shops, marketplaces, booking websites, search engines and comparison sites analysed, almost two-thirds raised doubts over the authenticity of the reviews. 

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Online marketplaces and platforms have exposure to risk in a number of areas. It’s key to understand both the types and scale of risk faced in order to put in place effective strategies that will protect your business and your customers. 

Our Platform Risk Assessment is an ideal way to quickly build a true picture of the threats your platform is facing.  Delivered in just 30 days, we provide a detailed report with key recommendations based on our findings on how to build an effective risk management program.

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