Pasabi’s technology eliminates fake reviews, review sellers and companies trying to game the system


  • Identify review sellers. Find review sellers used by companies to game the system and boost their profiles.
  • Uncover persistent offenders. Spot patterns in your data to uncover the worst offenders enabling you to prioritise the biggest threats.
  • Comply with regulation. Deliver greater transparency around how fake reviews are found and removed in line with new regulation.
  • Build trust. Clean up the user experience to create a more authentic and trusted online community.

"Pasabi is achieving an extremely high degree of verified accuracy in identifying bad actors on the Trustpilot platform"

Anoop Joshi
VP Legal & Platform Integrity, Trustpilot


The science of fake review detection

In our guide you will learn:

  • The types of fabricated content and the challenges each poses to your business
  • How AI technology can help you tackle the scale of the problem
  • How Pasabi’s fake review detection software can work for your brand

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Popular Features of Pasabi Fake Review Detection

Our technology platform allows you to operate at scale to clean up social channels, marketplaces and e-commerce sites

Behavioural analytics

Focusing on negative behaviours rather than individual reviews gives deeper insight into fabricated reviews. 

Cluster identification

We spot patterns in your data to uncover the actions of review sellers and other groups working together.

Enforcement action

Automate the removal of fabricated reviews, posts and listings. Block fake profiles and generate the evidence to take offline action.

Workflows & Integrations

Easily incorporate our solution into your teams’ existing workflows.


Looking to understand the scale of your fake reviews challenge?

Request a platform risk assessment to gain key insights into how you can eliminates fake reviews, review sellers and companies trying to game the system.

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