Trust Tops Price for Gen Z on Fashion Resale Apps

Whether you’re looking for a bargain, trying to be more sustainable, or selling clothes for a bit of extra cash, digital natives are responsible for a surge in the traction of fashion resale apps such as Poshmark, Depop and Thredup.

So, what’s most important to this audience when using these apps – price, trust or the items being sold? Pasabi recently conducted a US consumer survey into users’ purchase experiences on popular fashion resale apps to find out what they care about, understand consumers’ top concerns and how they react if experiences don’t match their expectations. 

How Pasabi Can Help Tackle Resale App Challenges

With 75% of respondents stating trust and safety concerns as being more important than price, it’s vital to tackle bad actors putting your platform at risk. From fake reviews to fake accounts, and counterfeit goods to bypass, each of these negative activities can undermine trust in your platform, leading to loss of revenue, poor customer retention and reduced growth.

So, here’s how Pasabi can help you address the issues to combat bad actors and maintain customer trust:

  • Conduct a free platform risk assessment 
  • Use AI technology to detect fake reviews 
  • Crack down on counterfeit
  • Continual monitoring to reduce friction while maintaining trust & safety

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