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Defend revenue, reputation and customer loyalty

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Global Brands

Defend revenue, reputation and customer loyalty

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85% of brands report they experienced trademark infringement in 2019.

Source: IAB Europe

Brands are challenged by the global nature of the threat from counterfeit and grey market goods. The volume of goods for sale across multiple online channels makes identifying offenders and taking effective action on a manual basis an impossible and never ending task.

Brand protection is about more than just counterfeit

Whilst counterfeit goods trade regularly makes the headlines, it is by no means the only threat a brand experiences online. Unauthorised sellers need to be constantly monitored across multiple platforms to identify the unlawful sale of your brand. Negative reviews also pose a serious threat given just four negative reviews can cost your brand 70% of potential customers.

Guide: Rapid Rise of Fake Goods on Social Media

In this guide you will learn:

  • Why fake goods have exploded on social media
  • How counterfeiters exploit social channels
  • About the response of the platforms
  • How you can use technology to defeat the fraudsters
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How Pasabi helps brands

Pasabi looks for the patterns of behaviour behind unscrupulous activities such as the sale of counterfeit or grey goods. We understand that the actions of fraudsters are similar whether they’re selling fake copies of your brand or selling genuine products where they shouldn’t. 

Our platform processes your data looking for patterns of negative behaviour. The system identifies individuals, groups of individuals acting together or misbehaving third-parties hidden within your data to find the origin of the threat.  

Each behaviour is categorised to identify intent, whether it be counterfeit or unauthorised goods, allowing your teams to take the appropriate action. We highlight repeat offenders who are abusing your brand giving you the evidence to take effective measures to combat the problem at source.

We help you to tackle key challenges:

  • Detecting counterfeit
    Detecting and removing counterfeit products can be a huge undertaking. Pasabi detects the tell-tale signs of counterfeit sellers based on their patterns of behaviour, connecting individuals together to identify groups working in collusion, This way we help our customers to target the most prolific offenders.
  • Detecting grey goods
    Whether innocently or intentionally, third-party sellers can be selling goods to which they do not have the rights to do so. Pasabi works with brands to identify unauthorised sellers, helping to ensure sellers remain on the right track.

Looking to understand the scale of your counterfeit goods challenge?

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