Online Marketplaces

Pasabi delivers peace of mind for you, your sellers and their customers.

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Online Marketplaces

Pasabi delivers peace of mind for you, your sellers and their customers.

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Marketplace sales accounted for 57% of global retail sales in 2019

Source: DigitalCommerce360

If a consumer, brand or a third-party seller can’t trust the content on your website, how can they trust your service?

Online Guide to Building the Trust Layer in Online Marketplaces

In our online guide you will learn about:

  • The role of trust in online transactions
  • The importance of online reviews
  • How bad actors exploit your partners & customers
  • The changing regulatory environment
  • How to tackle bad actors on your platform
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As regulators move to protect consumer rights, it’s time to act

In December 2020, there were significant regulatory moves from both the European Commission (DSA), and the UK government (Online Safety Bill)intended to compel online platforms to deal with illegal and misleading content.

This has huge implications for online marketplaces with the potential for businesses to be hit with significant fines and penalties.

However, much can be done to mitigate these problems. In particular, the DSA clarifies that online platforms will not be liable for illegal content which they detect themselves; something Pasabi’s platform is designed to solve!

Building Trust

Marketplaces are key targets for fraudsters looking to maximise their impact. They can easily target different stakeholders within a marketplace: the owners, third-party sellers, brands and the consumer.

Trust is, therefore, critical to success. Marketplaces need to trust their sellers to act with integrity, selling genuine products and services in good faith. Additionally, they need to trust consumers to leave authentic reviews.

Identifying the Fraudsters – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

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How Pasabi helps marketplaces

Pasabi processes your data looking for patterns of negative behaviour. The system identifies individuals, groups of individuals acting together or misbehaving third-parties hidden within your data.  

Each behaviour is categorised to identify intent, allowing your teams to take the appropriate action. This might include banning repeat offenders from your platform or sending cease and desist letters to misbehaving companies.

We help you to tackle key challenges:

  • Identifying fraudsters
    By monitoring an individual’s behavior on your service, and combining that data with their track record of behaviour outside of your service, we can identify bad actors within your data
  • Detecting counterfeit
    With regulators increasingly shifting the responsibility on to marketplaces, counterfeit detection and protection is no longer the responsibility of the brand or seller. Detecting and removing counterfeit products can be a huge undertaking.

    Pasabi detects the tell-tale signs of counterfeit sellers based on their patterns of behaviour, connecting individuals together to identify groups working in collusion, This way we help our customers to target the most prolific offenders.
  • Detecting grey goods
    Whether innocently or intentionally, third-party sellers on your marketplace can be selling goods to which they do not have the rights to do so. Pasabi works with brands to identify unauthorised sellers and can form a bridge between your marketplace and key brands helping to ensure sellers remain on the right track.
  • Avoiding bypass
    Whether wishing to avoid fees or to take advantage of consumers, Scammers try to redirect customers away from your platform. These individuals can be detected and removed ensuring consumers stay safely within your platform.

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