Technology solutions for Sharing, Gig and E-commerce Marketplaces 

How we help

Identify bad actors

We monitor behaviour on your platform to spot patterns of negative and harmful activity among individuals and groups.

Uncover fake accounts

Our technology spots suspicious behaviour to detect fake accounts misleading and potentially harming your users.

Combat review sellers

We find review sellers paid to game your system through fake or biased reviews.

Detect counterfeit

Pasabi detects the tell-tale signs of counterfeit sellers based on their patterns of behaviour.

Find fake reviews

Pasabi filters the genuine reviews from the fake allowing you to remove persistent offenders from your platform and offer a more trusted user experience.

Ongoing monitoring

We understand the importance of a frictionless user experience. Our technology supports growth through ongoing monitoring of your platform for fraudulent or negative behaviour ensuring your users’ safety as you scale. 

Comply with new legislation

Pasabi’s technology can help you tackle illegal content, such as hate speech, and provide more transparency around your chosen course of action in line with forthcoming regulations.

Paywall evasion

Scammers redirecting users away from your platform can be detected and removed to ensure consumers stay safely within your platform.

Who we work with

The rapid growth of online platforms has given rise to increased opportunities for fraudsters to scam, dupe and cheat platform owners, suppliers and users. With trust critical to success, loss of trust erodes confidence in your platform, negatively impacting revenue and growth.

Pasabi’s technology supports all types of platforms: 

  • b2c marketplaces
  • b2b marketplaces
  • peer to peer
  • gig economy
  • sharing economy
  • online communities
  • social media

Featured customer: Trustpilot

“Pasabi is achieving an extremely high degree of verified accuracy in identifying bad actors on the Trustpilot platform”

Anoop Joshi
VP, Legal & Platform Integrity


Preparing for the EU Digital Services Act

Forthcoming regulatory changes, such as the EU Digital Services Act, will require platforms to deal with illegal and misleading content, or face significant fines and penalties.

If your platform is challenged by these problems, Pasabi can help. Read our guide to understand the key provisions of the Act with steps outlining how to get ready.


Key Features

Behavioural analytics

We focus on negative behaviours rather than individual posts, listings or reviews, giving you deeper insights into the fraudsters behind illegal activity on your platform.

AI plus human expertise

Our technology combines AI and human moderation where automation is not possible to maintain high accuracy levels.

Enforcement action

Automate the removal of fabricated reviews and posts, block fake profiles and generate the evidence to take offline legal action.

Artificial Intelligence

We use a variety of AI techniques, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and classifiers, to identify illegal content, such as hate speech or cyberbullying.

Cluster Identification

Our cluster detection technology spots patterns in the data to uncover the actions of review sellers and other groups working together.

Workflows and integrations

Incorporate our solution into your teams’ existing workflows.


Looking to understand the scale and type of infringements on your platform?

Learn how our Digital Trust & Safety Platform can support your efforts to tackle bad actors, fake accounts, illegal content and fake reviews at scale.

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