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The growth of online platforms has given rise to increased opportunities for fraudsters to scam, dupe and cheat platform owners, suppliers and consumers. With trust critical to success, loss of trust erodes confidence in your platform, negatively impacting revenue and growth.

Pasabi’s technology supports all types of platforms, from b2c and b2b marketplaces, to service and shared economy platforms, to online communities and social media. We provide peace of mind for you, confidence for your third parties and a more authentic customer experience.

Increased regulation to protect consumer rights means it’s time to act

Forthcoming regulatory changes such as The Digital Services Act (EU) & Online Safety Bill (UK) will require platforms to deal with illegal and misleading content, or face significant fines and penalties.

If your platform is challenged by these problems, Pasabi can help. The DSA clarifies that online platforms will not be liable for illegal content they detect themselves; something our platform is designed to solve!

Solutions for Online Platforms, Marketplaces & Communities

How we help

Identify fraudsters

We monitor an individual’s behaviour on your platform and combine this data with their external reputation data to spot patterns of negative activity.

Detect counterfeit

Pasabi detects the tell-tale signs of counterfeit sellers based on their patterns of behaviour.

Uncover grey goods

We work with brands to find unauthorised sellers and form a bridge between marketplaces and key brands to ensure sellers remain on the right track.

Avoid bypass

Scammers redirecting customers away from your platform can be detected and removed to ensure consumers stay safely within your platform.

Find fake reviews

Pasabi filters the authentic reviews from the fake with a high degree of verified accuracy, allowing your team to remove persistent offenders from your platform.

Combat review sellers

We find review sellers paid to game your system through fake or biased reviews.

Detect scam and spam ‘listings’

Pasabi adapts to the changing tactics of scammers, to keep your data free from fraudulent content, protecting your platform and its users.

Comply with new legislation

Pasabi’s technology can help you tackle illegal content, such as hate speech, and provide more transparency around your chosen course of action in line with forthcoming regulations.


Preparing for the Digital Services Act

A guide for marketplaces, platforms and online communities to understand the key provisions of the Act with steps outlining how to get ready.