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Pasabi Platform

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Our Approach

Our technology focuses on the behaviours of bad actors, tracking and correlating hundreds of data points across platforms, marketplaces, social media, e-commerce and websites. 

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Behavioural Analytics and Machine Learning (ML), we identify patterns of behaviour to surface the most prolific offenders and groups for both online removal and offline legal action. 

Creating a Single View of a Bad Actor

Rather than focus on individual posts or products for removal, Pasabi takes an analytical approach to identify bad actors and groups acting together across multiple platforms using clustering technology. In doing so, we surface many types of threatening activity from fake content and fake reviews to counterfeit products and grey goods.  We help you to get to the heart of the problem, enabling you to take action that tackles the true scale of the challenge you face.

Key Outcomes

Uncover the true scale of the challenge

Takedown offending posts & block prolific suspects

Prioritise the biggest threats

Deliver a more authentic experience

The Pasabi platform currently tackles four key challenges – Counterfeit, Unauthorised Selling, Fake Reviews & Content, and Scam & Spam

What makes us different

  • Our unique combination of AI and ML and Behavioural Analytics
  • Data-first platform meaning that we look for networks, patterns and trends in data
  • Does not require human analysts to surface insight
  • Fits into existing customer workflows for takedown
  • Complements existing teams by enhancing productivity 

What We Cover

  • Marketplaces
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media
  • Platforms
  • Websites
  • Search

Key Features

Cluster Analysis

The worst culprits tend to work together. Whether it is groups of individuals who are working as one organisation, or a series of “bots” (automated systems that use fake accounts) being deployed alongside real users, Pasabi uses the latest cluster detection technology and bespoke algorithms to identify these groups.

Action lists

Pasabi’s proprietary scoring system uses hundreds of different data points to identify bad actors and categorise the worst offenders. This could be for reasons of counterfeit, unauthorised selling or fabricated reviews. Scanning multiple data views surfaces actionable evidence for appropriate action to be taken. Ranging from sending ‘cease and desist’ letters to misbehaving companies, to banning repeat offenders from your platform or site, the Pasabi platform allows you to clean up online channels where your brand, marketplace or platform is under threat. 

Workflows & Integrations

Our platform can be incorporated into your brand protection teams’ existing workflows, either integrating with your existing CRM and case management tools or providing an API for bespoke integrations.

In terms of support, we deliver regular comprehensive reporting and guidance to maximise the impact of your efforts with additional consultancy and analysis as required.  

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