Smarter Tools, Better Decisions Pasabi’s powerful and highly scalable AI analytics platform tackles online infringements at scale

How it works

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning classifiers, time series analysis, clustering technology and bespoke algorithms, Pasabi correlates thousands of data points. We focus on the negative behaviours of bad actors to surface the most prolific offenders and networks working together. We uncover the scale of the problem and give you actionable evidence for online removal and offline legal enforcement.

Who we help

Online platforms

We support all types of platforms, from b2c and b2b marketplaces, to service and shared economy platforms, to online communities and social media. Pasabi will keep your platform, sellers and customers safe from fraudulent activity.

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We support brands challenged by counterfeit and grey market goods on third party websites and social media. Discover how you can efficiently scale your brand protection activities, identify offenders and take effective action.

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Why choose us

Behavioural analytics approach

Our technology uses an analytical approach across platforms, marketplaces, social media, e-commerce and websites. We focus on the behaviours of bad actors, tracking and correlating thousands of data points along with external reputation data to identify fraudulent activity.

No more whack-a-mole
We identify groups acting together to find the most prolific offenders and networks for online removal and offline legal action.

Empower teams to take action at scale
Our insights empower your teams to tackle the problem at source, take action at scale, directing resources efficiently. 

Fits into existing workflows
Our platform can be incorporated into your teams’ existing workflows

Deliver a more authentic experience 
Remove illegal content and block prolific suspects to drive growth and provide an authentic, fraud-free user experience.

Popular platform features

Multi-channel coverageDiscover abuse across marketplaces, websites, social media and search engines

Watch listsCreate custom watchlists for enforcement teams and partners to monitor offenders before taking action

Cluster analysisSee your biggest threats highlighted and explore the connections between suspicious individuals and groups

Automated ‘add to basket’Automatically capture visual evidence of unauthorised goods for sale

Evidence packsGather evidence needed to support takedowns and offline legal action

Custom reportingConfigurable visual dashboards give you the data and insights the way you want it

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Learn how the Pasabi AI platform can support your efforts to tackle counterfeit goods, unauthorised sellers, illegal content and fake reviews at scale.