Looking to understand the scale of fabricated & biased reviews and companies trying to ‘game the system’?  Request a risk assessment from Pasabi today.

Stop review fraud as it emerges

Fake reviews harm your customers and reputation. If your reviews can’t be trusted, consumers will take their business elsewhere.

Review fraud takes many forms – incentivised reviews, biased positive and negative fake reviews, and reviews purchased in bulk from review brokers, to name but a few.

Our Risk Assessment is an ideal way to quickly build a true picture of the types of review fraud facing your platform.


Identify risk signals

Our assessment will allow you to spot the key risk signals that indicate review fraud activity and show you how our technology can help you to tackle the problem quickly and effectively.

We use the latest AI behavioural analytics and pattern detection technology to analyse your data to identify the types and scale of threats you are facing. 

We’ll provide you with key recommendations on how to build an effective risk management program based on our findings.

What you need to provide

  • Reviews (the text of the reviews left for specific businesses)
  • Reviewers (details of the profiles who have left the reviews for specific businesses)
  • Businesses (details of the businesses who have been reviewed by the reviewers)

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