Uncover scammers directing users away from your platform to ensure they stay safely within your environment

Online purchase scams

accounted for more than

one-third of all scams in 2021

*Better Business Bureau

According to a worldwide study, victims of online shopping scams are losing money more easily than in the past, with 75% of those targeted experiencing a financial loss.  Online purchase, cryptocurrency and employment scams were the top 3 riskiest consumer scams in 2021

Pasabi uncovers scammers exploiting and directing users away from your platform

  • Find and remove bad actors scamming your users and harming your platform
  • Keep users safely in your environment by spotting where bad actors look to divert users away to transact off-platform (bypass)
  • Uncover networks working together connected by common data points or key risk signals
  • Detect patterns in the data to find the worst offenders and mitigate the biggest risks

Building the Trust Layer in Marketplaces

Whether consumers trust a marketplace depends on the integrity of sellers, the quality of products and authenticity of reviews.

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Online Platforms: A Pick ‘n’ Mix for Fraudsters

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Delivering Trust in Classified Marketplaces

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Retaining Marketplace Customers in a Downturn: Why a Trusted User Experience is Key

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Trust and the Art Market (Podcast)

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