Uncover scammers directing users away from your platform to ensure they stay safely within your environment


  • Identify scammers. Find bad actors scamming your users and gaming your platform.
  • Detect groups working together. Uncover fake accounts connected by contact details or IP addresses.
  • Find persistent offenders. Spot patterns in the data to find the worst offenders enabling you to prioritise the biggest threats.
  • Spot Bypass. Uncover accounts looking to divert users off-platform.
  • Safer user experience. Clean up your platform to build trust and keep your users safe.

Building the Trust Layer in Marketplaces

Whether consumers trust a marketplace depends on the integrity of sellers, the quality of products and authenticity of reviews.

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Popular Features of Scam, Spam and Bypass Detection

Operate at scale to clean up marketplaces, sharing economy platforms, online communities and e-commerce sites

Behavioural analytics

Our analysis focuses on negative behaviours rather than individual profiles, giving you deeper insights into the fraudsters behind harmful activity on your platform.

Enforcement action

Block and automate the removal of fake profiles and generate the evidence to take offline legal action. 

Cluster identification

Connect hundreds of data points across your platform to spot the actions of individuals and groups working together.

Workflows & integrations

Incorporate our solution into your teams’ existing workflows.


Looking to understand the scale of your scam and spam challenge?

Request a platform risk assessment to gain key insights into how to uncover scammers directing users away from your platform, spam and bypass.