Pasabi’s seller tracking solution gives brands the visibility they need over how products are being sold across multiple online channels


  • Multi-channel & multi-region coverage. Track marketplaces, search engines and e-commerce sites across multiple regions.
  • Inform decision making. Determine best performers to decide future agreements.
  • Fair for all partners. Identify non-compliant distributors.
  • Identify unauthorised sellers. Find retailers unauthorised to sell your products.
  • Actionable evidence. Collect data for offline legal action.
  • Prioritise activity. Automated tracking gives you insights to prioritise activity.

Popular Features of Pasabi Seller Tracking

Our technology platform helps you to protect your brand from broken distributor agreements and unauthorised sellers across social channels, marketplaces and e-commerce sites

Monitor stock

Track price drops, stock and discount levels

Visual evidence

Our platform captures visual evidence to track when, where and at what price products were available for sale.

Search efficiencies

Identical pages in multiple territories are combined for increased search efficiencies.

Workflows & integrations

Our solution can be incorporated into your teams’ existing workflows.


Looking to understand the scale of your unauthorised sales challenge?

Request a risk assessment to gain key insights into how you can defeat unauthorised product sales across social channels, marketplaces and e-commerce websites.