Unauthorised Sellers

Identify offenders and protect your brand

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Unauthorised Sellers

Identify offenders and protect your brand

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Grey market goods in Denmark accounted for 26% of total pharmacy market sales in 2018.

Source: Statista

Grey market goods are legally manufactured products sold through unauthorised channels, leading to price disparities, revenue loss and reduction in brand equity and value perception.

Unauthorised Seller Protection Explained

Unauthorised sellers distribute products for sale without authorisation of the original manufacturer. The sale of these ‘grey goods’ can have a negative impact on a brand by creating brand confusion, decreasing overall sales revenue and damaging distributors’ sales efforts and agreements. 

Marketplaces and e-commerce websites have become fertile ground for unauthorised sellers. In addition to authentic products being sold by unlicensed resellers, damaged returns, overstock, expired or defective merchandise are often sold on platforms such Amazon, eBay and many other leading marketplaces, as well as niche e-commerce sites.

Brands are challenged by the global nature of the problem and the volume of goods for sale across multiple online channels. Identifying offenders, and taking effective action on a manual basis is an impossible and never ending task.

Guide: The science of brand protection

In our guide you will learn:

  • The scale of fake goods online
  • Why brands need to take action
  • How AI technology can help you tackle the scale of the problem
  • How Pasabi’s online brand protection software can work for your brand
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Benefits of Pasabi Unauthorised Seller Protection

Our technology platform allows you to operate at scale to identify unauthorised sellers across multiple platforms and pursue enforcement action.

Monitor marketplaces, e-commerce sites, websites and social media

Identify and track unauthorised sellers

Prioritise your activity

Collect data for offline legal action

Tackle the problem at scale

Clean up the consumer experience

Are you a brand concerned about unauthorised sellers and the sale of grey goods?

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