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Track seller behaviour
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Apply the right amount of friction
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Prevent multiple threats with
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Stop Bad Actors in their Tracks with One Integrated Solution

Fake accounts expose your users to multiple fraud threats

Continually monitoring the behaviour of sellers active on your platform allows you to apply appropriate friction to their journey at the right time. By tracking sellers every day, you can build a detailed picture of their activity and take action against those infringing your terms of service.

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Counterfeits undermine your brand and put consumers at risk

Identify products being sold by third party sellers who are putting your users at risk with fake products, illegal and harmful goods. Gather the evidence you need to take the appropriate enforcement action. 

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Fake reviews damage your reputation, consumer trust and growth

Fake reviews are a pressing global issue and influence billions of sales every year to the detriment of consumers and the platforms hosting the reviews. Increasingly gaining the attention of regulators, it has never been more important for platforms to take action against third party sellers manipulating reviews.

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Featured Customer: Trustpilot

Discover how Pasabi supports Trustpilot tackle fake reviews, review sellers and companies looking to game the system.

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Lively and insightful conversations with thought leaders on the critical role trust plays in our business and personal lives.

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