We combine customer and external reputation data, to deliver the insights our customers need to detect illegal content, counterfeit products, unauthorised goods and fake reviews delivering a fraud-free user experience.

Online Platforms

Deliver an online experience your users can trust

Identify unauthorised sellers and quickly remove fake accounts and bad actors from your platform. FIND OUT MORE>>

Combat illegal and harmful content on your platform and build trust with your audience. FIND OUT MORE>>

Detect fake reviews, review sellers and users trying to game the system to deliver a trusted user experience. FIND OUT MORE>>


Protect your revenue, reputation and customers online

Find fake goods, uncover fraudsters working together across multiple channels and take action fast. FIND OUT MORE>>

Find unauthorised sellers across multiple channels to protect your brand online. FIND OUT MORE>>


Preparing for the Digital Services Act

A guide for marketplaces, platforms and online communities. Understand the key provisions of the Act with steps outlining how to get ready.

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Trustpilot Case Study

Discover how Pasabi supports Trustpilot to tackle fake reviews and companies looking to game the system.

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The Trust Series Podcast

Lively and insightful conversations with thought leaders on the critical role trust plays in our lives.

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Learn how the Pasabi AI platform can support your efforts to tackle counterfeit goods, unauthorised sellers, illegal content and fake reviews at scale.

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