Pasabi helps you find infringing products on your platform to keep your customers and reputation safe

Counterfeit is the largest criminal enterprise in the world, higher than either drugs or human trafficking

*United States Patent & Trademark Office

According to data from the OECD and EUIPO, the global trade in counterfeit goods is now as lucrative as running a mid-sized European country. With fraudulent medicines and counterfeit electronics among the most dangerous fakes traded globally, it’s important to know that what’s being sold on your platform is legitimate.

Pasabi helps you find infringing products on your platform to keep your customers safe

  • Understand the scale of your platform’s counterfeit challenge
  • Detect counterfeit listings to take action against offending sellers and instigate takedowns
  • Uncover patterns in the data to identify connected offenders
  • Rid your platform of harmful fakes to deliver a safer user experience

Deliver a Trusted & Safe Marketplace for Your Users

In our guide you will learn:

  • The risks marketplaces face online
  • How you can tackle the scale of the problem
  • How AI technology enables you to prioritise your actions to clean up your marketplace


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Is your marketplace threatened by counterfeit products and unauthorised sellers?

Learn how our Trust & Safety Platform can support your efforts to gain key insights into how to identify and combat counterfeits on your platform and build trust with your audience.