Pasabi finds the bad actors who are using fake accounts to exploit your reputation and defraud your users

Fake accounts are thriving. In the first quarter of 2022, Facebook took action on 1.6 billion fake accounts 



Social media gets a bad rap for fake accounts, but in fact any business that uses an account-based platform or site is a target. Fake accounts use invented or stolen identities for malicious intent such as e-commerce fraud, cyberbullying and romance scams, harming your reputation and users’ trust.

Continually monitor user behaviour, identify risk signals and uncover fake accounts

  • Find and take action on fake accounts cheating your users and exploiting your platform
  • Uncover networks working together using fake accounts connected by key data points and risk signals
  • Spot patterns in your data to identify the worst offenders and mitigate the biggest risks
  • Clean up your platform to build trust and retain your trustworthy users

Building the Trust Layer in Marketplaces

Whether consumers trust a marketplace depends on the integrity of sellers, the quality of products and authenticity of reviews.

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Onboarding is Just the Start: Going Beyond KYB/KYC

Platform owners feel safer ‘knowing’ the identity of their third party sellers and consumers feel reassured having contact details for sellers. At the same time, however, id verification checks can sometimes cause friction with sellers during onboarding and could lead to increased abandonment rates.  Read More >>

Keeping Customers Safe Essential for Marketplace Growth

Buying and selling online requires trust – mutual trust between marketplaces and their sellers and between sellers and their customers. If you’re a marketplace, you understand how this trust affects your ability to grow and be a success. Read More >>

Trust in Online Marketplaces (Podcast)

Kate Burns, ex-General Counsel at Not on the High Street, discusses the role of a GC from being the ‘risk assessor’ to the ‘conscience’ of a company. Speaking about the important role trust plays in the online buying journey, and the likelihood of marketplaces being the proven future model, Kate outlines the difficulty with regulation when there isn’t a one-size fits all marketplace model. Listen on Apple Podcasts >>


Looking to understand the scale of fake accounts on your platform?

Learn how our Trust & Safety Platform can support your efforts to gain key insights into eliminating bad actors using fake accounts to exploit your reputation and defraud your users.