Eliminate fake reviews and identify businesses using review brokers

Fake online reviews are a 

$152 billion global problem

*World Economic Forum

In 2021, fake online reviews directly influenced global online spending of $152 billion. With 9 out of 10 consumers checking online reviews before buying, can you guarantee all your reviews are real?

Continually analyse customer reviews to spot key risk signals

  • Identify companies looking to boost their profiles through the purchase of fake reviews
  • Understand how reviews are being manipulated by sellers to incentivise positive feedback or attack competitors with fake negative reviews
  • Spot patterns in your data to uncover fraud rings and prioritise the worst offenders

"Pasabi is achieving an extremely high degree of verified accuracy in identifying bad actors on the Trustpilot platform"

Anoop Joshi
VP Legal & Platform Integrity, Trustpilot


Detecting Fake Reviews through Behavioural Analytics and Network Science

Review fraud is considered illegal in the majority of territories. Fake or deceptive reviews violate the terms of service and guidelines for the platforms on which they are hosted and regulators around the world are now clamping down on this fraudulent practice.

In our paper you will learn:

  • About innovative new approaches to tackle fake reviews
  • Why a fake reviews detection solution focusing on user behaviour, and not reviews content, is yielding better results
  • Why relying on machine learning alone is inadequate
  • The role of pattern detection in surfacing the biggest threats

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