Founded in 2015, Pasabi was born out of our strong desire to use AI and behavioural analytics to make the internet a safer place


The internet has changed the way we work, live, socialise and shop. The opportunities and information it provides are limitless and ever-changing. However, since its adoption, fraudsters have also found infinite and inventive ways to exploit internet users and consumers. 

And we’re tired of it. We’ve read enough fake reviews, seen enough counterfeit and been appalled by a multitude of scams exploiting vulnerable users, that we want to make the internet a more authentic and trustworthy place.

We want to know that when we read a review, we can trust it’s genuine. Or when we buy from a third party marketplace, we’ll get the item we ordered. 

So, driven by our determination to have better experiences online, and using our extensive experience of AI and Behavioral Analytics, we have built our Trust & Safety Platform.

Pasabi was founded in 2015 by Martin Spinks and Chris Downie, friends who had worked together back in the early 2000s when web agencies were starting out. Using their combined technical experience and desire to use technology for good (who doesn’t want to be a superhero?!), they built a platform to find counterfeit products working closely with one of the world’s largest luxury groups. 

Focusing on fraudsters’ behaviours rather than the products themselves, they quickly realised they could find all manner of fraudulent activity since bad actors follow the same patterns of suspicious behaviour whether they’re peddling designer handbags, selling fake reviews or scamming vulnerable users.

This led us to develop our platform to detect multiple fraud threats by continually looking for risk signals in our customers’ data. Our platform identifies and classifies fake reviews, detects networks of individuals in fraud rings, uncovers harmful scams, finds counterfeit and exposes fake accounts. As long as bad actors continually try to evade detection, our enthusiastic fraud fighting team will be building the technology to find and stop them. 

Pasabi – helping our customers decide who they can trust.

If you suspect bad actors are threatening your platform, marketplace or online community, get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Our Technology

Pasabi’s Trust & Safety Platform uses AI Behavioural Analytics and Network Science to tackle online fraudulent behaviour.

Our expertise lies in the application of bespoke machine learning technology to very large data sets, and the use of cluster technology to identify a wide range of illegal and harmful activities including fake reviews, fraud rings, scams, fake accounts, counterfeit products and unauthorised sellers. The patterns of user behaviour we uncover generate deep insights that drive online and offline enforcement action for our customers and partners.

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Management team

Chris Downie


As CEO, Chris provides the vision and direction for Pasabi. Passionate about product development and driven to produce great user experiences, Chris’s expertise lies in strong people management and applying technology to solve real-world problems.


Martin Spinks


Heading up technical direction for Pasabi, Martin has an in-depth knowledge of AI and over 20 years’ experience delivering major digital projects for global brands. Enthusiastic about the contribution AI can make to solve real-world problems and the possibilities it can offer, he enjoys keeping on top of industry trends and emerging technologies.


Carolyn Jameson


Ex-Skyscanner Chief Legal Officer, Carolyn is a C-level executive, with over 20 years’ experience working internationally in strategic business and legal roles, with specific expertise in technology and IP. Adept at building trusted relationships across cultures, and at Board and investor level, Carolyn helps businesses to scale, with recent experience of leading a high-profile company to a successful exit.