Pasabi delivers continual platform monitoring to identify patterns of bad behaviour as they emerge, empowering our customers to take action before it’s too late.

Detect multiple fraud threats

AI behavioural analytics brings a new level of insight

We look beyond the text to understand user behaviour and intent, giving you deeper insights into the fraudsters behind illegal activity on your platform.

Identify and remove multiple threats with one solution

Understanding user behaviour on your platform allows you to design the most appropriate responses to a range of threats, minimising the impact on growth, whilst at the same time providing an increasingly safe user experience for your customers.

Add the right level of friction at the right time

Monitoring the behaviour of users across the whole user journey means you can apply the right amount of friction at the right time, to mitigate risk and keep your customers safe.

Join the dots to find fraud rings and the most prolific offenders

Our pattern detection technology finds connected data points across your platform to spot the actions of individuals and groups working together. This allows you to take action at scale against fraud rings and target the worst offenders.

Who we work with

The rapid growth of online platforms has given rise to increased opportunities for fraudsters to scam, dupe and cheat platform owners, suppliers and users. With trust critical to success, loss of trust erodes confidence in your platform, negatively impacting revenue and growth.

Pasabi’s fraud detection software supports all types of platforms: 

  • b2c marketplaces
  • review websites
  • b2b marketplaces
  • dating apps
  • eCommerce platforms
  • peer to peer platforms
  • gig & sharing economy
  • online communities
  • social media

Featured customer: Trustpilot

“Pasabi is achieving an extremely high degree of verified accuracy in identifying bad actors on the Trustpilot platform”

Anoop Joshi
VP, Legal & Platform Integrity


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