Trust and the Sharing Economy


Elle Tucker, Marketplace Advisor, Sharing & Gig Economy Consultant and Author, talks about how the sharing economy has evolved over time and the importance of digital trust and safety for successful growth of sharing economy platforms. She also shares her own experience of using sharing economy apps for her recent book, ‘Thanks for Sharing’.

Enjoy honest discussions and interesting insights from our special guests in conversation with Catherine McGregor, Author and Management Consultant, and Chris Downie, CEO of Pasabi, as they explore the importance of trust across a broad spectrum of experiences from mentoring to online marketplaces.

Trust Series Episodes

Trust & Fake Reviews

Brett Hollenbeck, Asst. Professor at UCLA talks about the emergence of generative AI tools and their ability to bolster fake reviewers’ capabilities and how, as a result, it’s even more important to look beyond review content and focus on network connections in the fight against fake reviews.

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Trust in Marketplaces

Jeremy Gottschalk, General Counsel and founder of Marketplace Risk, discusses the importance of risk, trust and safety for marketplaces and platforms and encourages them to adopt mitigation strategies early.

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Trust and Reviews

Anoop Joshi, Director of Legal at Trustpilot, highlights how Trustpilot strives to continually deliver trusted reviews to its customers and platform users and the role Pasabi plays in helping them tackle the challenge of review sellers and fake reviews.

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Trust in Community-led Platforms

Polly Applegate, ex-Head of Community at Depop and advisor to online marketplaces, talks about the influence online community-led platforms are having on well-established brands, and highlights the importance of factoring in Trust & Safety early in the startup journey.

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Online Marketplaces and Trust

Kate Burns, former General Counsel of Not on the High Street, discusses the vital role trust plays in online marketplaces, the trust issues amplified by the Coronavirus and the difficulty with regulation when there isn’t a one-size fits all marketplace model.

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Trust in Communities

Colin McCarthy, founder of Legal Operators, outlines the key role trust plays in starting and building a community.

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Trust in Mentoring

Herman Stewart, mentor and founder of Every Child Needs a Mentor, highlights the role of trust in mentoring, the need to show trustworthiness to be given trust and the importance of authenticity in encouraging it.

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Trust in Recruitment

Chris Hurst, MD at legal & recruitment search firm, Carlyle Kingswood Global, talks about why trust is so important in the recruitment process, how it can be earned and what having the ‘doorman to chairman’ quality means.

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Trust in Medicine

Anthony Omo, Director and GC at the General Medical Council, emphasises the importance of consensual decision making in building trust between doctors and their patients and the concerns about accessibility to prescription.

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Trust in Blockchain

Olga Mack, CEO of Parley Pro, a Blockchain Strategist and author, explores the need to use technology, such as blockchain, to create trust on a scalable level, independent of individuals and institutions.

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Trust in Scientists

Economists and professors Barry Eichengreen and Orkun Saka, explore the decline in trust in scientists and the effects of pandemics on trust for societies going forward.

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Trust & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Pedro Pina, VP Head of YouTube for Europe, Middle East and Africa, has been named as one of Europe’s leading LGBT+ role models. Pedro explores the ways in which brands can build and maintain trust with diverse employees and consumers.

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Trust and the Art Market

James Ratcliffe, General Counsel and Director of Recoveries at the Art Loss Register, speaks about the role trust plays in the Art market, how ethics is often more important than law and the way vetting is changing with the move to digital.

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Trust in Leadership

Alexis Alexander, General Counsel of Liberis, discusses the power of authenticity in creating trusted professional relationships.

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